One of the most overlooked features of a window upgrade are the shutters. A window shutter can best be described as a stable window covering that usually comprises of a frame of horizontal rails and vertical slats. A number of items may be set within this frame depending on the type of window shutter and the physical location of the window within the home. These include louvers, fabric, glass, solid panels among others.

Shutters are quite important to a home. First of all, they act as insulators thus ensuring that outside temperature conditions do not spread to the interior of the house. This conserves a lot of energy saving you money. They can also make your home quite appealing. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors that can complement your home.

Window shutters come in four basic types. These include louvered, panelled, board and batton, and bermuda window shutters. All of these types are available in different materials depending on your taste. These range from medium density fiber, vinyl, faux wood, synthetic foam and wood. It’s best if a professional home remodeler handles the installation, as it’s not an easy job. We had a great team come in from MBG Renovation in Des Moines (, and they were outstanding.

Panel shutters look somewhat alike to kitchen cabinets or doors, but with a raised panel that may be single or double. They have a low profile, making it very easy to blend well with any style home. Louvered shutters on the other hand have angled slats which allow light and air to pass through them. They have a look that is more defined as compared to panel shutters. They are best for classical homes.

Bermuda shutters also commonly referred to as Bahama shutters are basically louvered shutters. However, they have been fixed at the top of the window and not the sides. They are quite useful in letting in light and air. They also act as protectors from storms and any other forms of bad weather. They work very well with ranches and cottages especially in the tropical regions.